Screenshot showing the app during a workout. Available settings when adding a Push-Up exercise to a workout. The default intervals you can add to a workout. Home Screen of the app. First Screen of the app's tutorial.

Interval Push-Ups Download on the App Store.

Are you a beginner, trying to get these first 5 push-ups going? Or maybe you have advanced all the way up to the 100 set?
No matter the stage of your training and development, Interval Push-Ups will help you get your game on the next level!

The Push-Up is one of the greatest core exercises, part of almost any training regime and program. To do it right, though, and to be able to switch it up a bit from workout to workout, you usually need a trainer to guide you and come up with different routines.

Interval Push-Ups has 2 core features solving all that and more:

  • It signals (visually and with sound) when you need to take Up or Down positions;
  • It allows you to set the time you spend Up and Down to a constant number of seconds or variable (random) within a range.

Studies and experience has shown, that holding for 2-3sec in the Down position, guarantees that you make a clean execution of the exercise. Hold for more than that, you get the benefit of training with more time under tension (iso-tension). Set the time to vary - you get an unpredictable exercise and a workout your body can never get used to (because 2 workouts would rarely repeat this way).

On top of that, with the ability to add an assignable time interval in your workouts, this app becomes ideal for any type of Interval Training.
Tabata or anything that is HIIT, timed exercises like Plank and Jumping Rope, Boxing Round Exercises... many of those are already included as default workouts and (most of) the rest can easily be added by you, through the simple interface of the app.

But that's not all - any bipositional exercise can use the Up-Down mechanics of the app - Squats, Pull-Ups, Dips, etc.

We hope you'll enjoy our tiny app and please don't hesitate to tell us how we can get better! PressKit